Providing sufficient training and coaching to ensure that every corporate leader understands the benefits of creating inclusive cultures is only the first step when it comes to creating innovative workplaces. Without ensuring that best practices are implemented on a daily basis from the top down, sustaining an innovative workplace culture is virtually impossible.

Here are 6 effective strategies for fostering safe, cohesive workplaces:

Strategy One

Employ ongoing diversity training and strategic planning workshops. *Note – re-calibrate your definition of diversity to ensure that it includes the insight that true diversity is defined by allowing every single individual to bring their full, true authentic selves to the workplace.

“Diversity of ideas is a competitive advantage”

                                                                            – Visionary Leader Seris

Strategy Two

Make your policies and protocols known to employees, either with a lunch and learn session, posters, or a quick reminder email.

Strategy Three

Host a special event celebrating employee’s unique contributions to the workplace to make them feel appreciated and respected.

Strategy Four

Promote diversity within leadership positions; make it clear that anyone, regardless of their background, can rise in the ranks and achieve their career goals. This will ensure that all employees feel able to collaborate with your business leaders, knowing that they too have the opportunity to become great leaders.

Strategy Five

Review the policies and protocols you have in place to report inappropriate incidents. Ensure that you reinforce them. Do not let any breach of a policy go unnoticed. 


Strategy Six

Lead from the top down.

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