Most will say, this is the road to financial freedom. The path to self-governance, no longer relegated to the hours of 9 to 5.  While that may very well be the case, it is also only part of the journey, which usually happens much further down the path. If you’re seeking truth and a forthright description of this endeavour you’ve landed on the right blog.

Many would say courage or bravery is a necessary personality trait of any entrepreneur. Agreed, they are, yet the need for tenacity, vulnerability, and transparency, will far out weight those traits repeatedly on this journey.

Entrepreneurship requires the humility to ask for help and support.  There will be times when your bills and business financial needs will be beyond your budgets capacity.  You will need to either part with uncomfortable amounts of money or be willing to request uncomfortable amounts of money to grow your business and/or yourself.

If you embark on this journey as a single person or one with family obligations, you will most certainly require the gift of clear communication and open dialogue (transparency).  One of your greatest assets or your severe hindrance in growing your business will be the degree to which you can manage your familial relationships. It’s helpful from the inception of the business entity to set the tone, boundaries, and assignments.  Schedule everything:

  • Wake time layout clothing the night before
  • Fitness time personal (spiritual) time
  • Meals and snacks for the week Family/friends time
  • Rest (6 to 8 hrs. should be the goal) Fun (date/movie/book/yoga)
  • Showers Intimacy
  • Meetings
  • Social media
  • Business

If you are going to be working from home temporarily, designate where your “office” space is in the home and set boundaries for it, i.e. hours of operation, lunch schedule, call schedule, meeting schedule, work schedule, deadlines, and submissions.  Make sure this information is posted on a calendar or whiteboard that is visible to all. Create a calendar that you can use through Google (slack) or any other app, to be shared with the necessary parties.

Keep your physical exercise and family time intact. While there will be many events that you will decline and forfeit to get to your next level, there are some you must make a point not to miss.  Time is one thing we cannot get back.

Give the same priority, attention, and commitment that you expect in return.  In other words, don’t ask for what you don’t give in the same energy, volume or quality. Don’t be upset or at least not surprised with family and friends when they stop inviting you to occasions after you’ve handed them 20+ submissions of “I’m sorry, I won’t be able to make it”stories.  Stay in open dialogue in regards to your plans and your availability. Ask what people are willing to do to assist you on your journey. Tell them honestly, what you would “love” for them to take on for you. It may be as simple as setting out a mug for coffee or tea in the morning. People like to know they are still needed and have importance in your life.  

Keep a daily journal that you will commit to referring to monthly or weekly.  See your progression and celebrate your small wins. Allow yourself to be inspired by your accomplishments.  Find ways that you can give of yourself without any expected return, to others who are either on this journey or starting.  You will begin to create a new community that understands the complexities of the world you endeavor to navigate, while still living in the world of people who won’t “get” where you’re going.  Keep it simple. Explain the journey to them honestly as much as you understand it, and invite them to join you. You will know immediately where that relationship is headed. Act decisively and move forward with dignity.  

Keep close company with your cheerleaders and amicable distance from your distractors.  You will find, those who can no longer travel in the same space will conveniently remove themselves.  Stay positive. Light always exposes darkness.

Go fearlessly and know…you are not alone.


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