The Visionary Leader Network provides leadership development, training and organizational assessment to help companies create engaged, productive and inclusive teams. Our training can include multimedia thought leadership, on demand training and an interactive event series to support individuals in achieving extraordinary breakthroughs in their professional and personal lives.


Duration: 2-4 months | Audience: Can be customized for select teams, employees, and leaders
The Inclusion Risk Assessment helps companies assess what’s working and not working when it comes to maximizing their talent and creating an optimal team.



Duration: 1-hour standalone or ongoing | Audience: Executives and Middle Management
Our Leadership coaching helps leaders become better equipped to establish an environment where your multicultural, multi-generational workforce can thrive, create, and innovate.



Duration: Year-long | Audience: Company-wide and select teams
The Visionary Leader Network offers companies that subscribe gain exclusive access to our resource vaults, which includes:
– Best practice training
– Cutting-edge research
– Original interviews featuring some of the most innovative business leaders of our time
– Customized interviews featuring the company’s own leaders and company branding



Duration: 1 – 3.5 hours | Format: On-Site or Virtually | Objective: Our prescribed workshops target the various team members of your company. Aim: We offer 4 different types of workshops which include:


Leadership Workshops
Who: Top leaders of the company Objective: Participants will explore the benefits of inclusion as it relates to a positive work culture and as a component of fiscal productivity.
Recruiting Retaining and Diverse Talent
Who: Top level HR staff Objective: Participants will create a set of best practices for recruiting and retaining diverse talent in their industry.
Multi-cultural Collaboration
Who: Heads of teams Objective: Participants will define what productive teams look like and how they can create them will including all team members.
Company-wide Inclusion Session
Who: The entire company, employee resource groups that are chosen by the client. Objective: Participants will do group work to discuss the current climate of company-wide inclusion and create a “wish-list” for company culture improvement strategies.