Our Founder, Traciana Graves

Traciana Graves, corporate strategist, key note speaker, curriculum developer is also an internationally award-winning vocalist. In addition, she was voted ‘America’s Most Fearless Women’ by the Huffington Post, for the work that she has accomplished in helping individuals to be more authentic and inclusive in the places of work and learning. Over the past two decades she has leveraged her voice in a variety of ways to help leaders create powerful breakthroughs.
In 2014, Traciana Graves spoke at Madison Square Garden in partnership with the WNBA, to introduce the mission of her newly launched platform, The Visionary Leader Network (The VLNetwork). The VLNetwork is an extension of the deep work that she has achieved with corporate and business leaders to help them meet the needs of a 21st century multicultural workforce and marketplace.
Traciana has spoken and consulted throughout the country facilitating corporate training and organizational workshops for fortune 500 companies, the WNBA and hundreds of higher education institutions. In addition, Traciana’s seasoned insights are featured on national media outlets throughout the United States.


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