The Visionary Leader Network  is a global media, digital marketing, and training platform that produces content, connections and customized training to help companies develop listening leadership cultures. We support leaders of large scale organizations who are seeking to unlock the hidden potential of every team member to foster the greatest productivity and innovation possible.  In doing so, we afford the entire organization with essential best practices for business and personal fulfillment in order to foster greater profit, faster progress,and deeper personal connection.




Our content-rich courses and training tools provide you with multiple avenues toward setting your business up for long-term  success.



Orginal Webseires + Podcasts + Articles. Get connected to some of the most important conversations of today. We ask the right questions to get the story behind the story to fuel your success.


VLN offers one-of-kind access to an expansive network of growing and successful entrepreneurs. You’ll be able to establish personal connections online or at one of our in-person events.



Customized Training

  • we offer our Innovation360 Method
  • Assessment
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Strategic Workshops
  • Customized multimedia content featuring your company


  • we produce original multi-media content
  • that inspires, educates, and entertains Including:
  • Including web-series
  • Podcasts
  • Written thought leadership
  • Fearless conversations


  • We host intentional events  
  • to self & a global community of like minded visionaries 
  • virtually  
  • In-person
  • Interactive live-streams
  • Lunch and Learns

In doing so we help visionaries to:

Generate greater profits:

  • Build the most effective listening leadership cultures to create the most productive and highly profitable teams possible
  • Solidify, repeat customers on a global scale
  • Creating winning workplace cultures essential for sustainability

Cultivate faster progress:

  • Navigate the intricacies of change management 
  • Change the narrative around authentic leadership, inclusion and innovation
  • – Support your company in attaining or maintaining an employer of choice designation

Deeper Personal Connection

  • Live and work from greater mindfulness, empathy, and  presence awareness
  • Connect and serve your customer base, team and  world community with greater purpose
  • Explore untapped avenues for enhanced fearlessness and fulfillment ( physical, emotional, mindfulness and mental well-being)


We currently have listening to leadership solutions:

  • Leadership Development
  • MeToo compliance
  • Diversity and Inclusion

How we Work


Your company fuels its success with ideas.

In Innovation360, we teach the leaders of  global corporations how to harness the great, informed thinking of the whole organization.  We use a customized lens that targets the roles and experiences of each part of the organization – from C-suite executives to middle management and employees at all levels.

By doing this, we support leaders in accommodating in achieving a more robust, inclusive culture that feeds innovation and boosts employee engagement.  This process is a highly effective way to solidify peak performance and productivity and in the process reduce incidents of sexual harassment and workplace bias.

The Innovation 360 process works in three phases:

Phase one – Listen & Learn: we learn your needs and goals.  We train your team on basic concepts of mindfulness, empathy, listening and speaking up.  We also teach your team how to bring forward new thought and solutions by telling their stories and learning process improvement.

Phase two – Your team (under our expert guidance) uses those concepts to develop and implement ideas in specific targeted areas (that were identified in the initial assessment, identifying projects that will drive real results.

Phase three – We review how the concepts worked in practice and assess what we can learn in the future to improve the bottom line.

We engage and help implement these processes and utilize the power of storytelling to dramatically power-up those ideas.


We unlock the voices of your team by making them the stars of professionally produced content  (videos, blogs, and other resources), that tell the story of your company’s culture and how it changes, as you build your organization’s peak performance.


We serve as a resource and use this content to develop your organization internally, build your brand in the marketplace, positioning the material in a way that helps promote your company. This storytelling creates a robust, positive image of your organization, both internally and externally.

We have a version of this process that’s exactly right for YOUR organization, regardless of its size or budget.  From customized coaching and training programs to the full, three-phase production and delivery of Innovation360, our Bronze, Silver and Gold-level programs deliver the results you need.


  • Bronze – minimal investment and time, good results
  • Silver – moderate investment and time, better results
  • Gold – fully engaged time and investment with the best results


Each of these versions includes processes available a la carte, including:

  • Assessment
  • Coaching
  • Training (online and in-person)
  • Strategic Workshops
  • Customized multimedia content production featuring your company