Behind The Scenes: Visionary Leader Series Season Two

Behind The Scenes: Visionary Leader Series Season Two

We, the VLNetwork Team, are excited to announce that we’ve begun shooting the second season of our signature show: The Visionary Leader Series! For our second season, we’ve moved to a state-of-the-art television production studio, located in Manhattan, New York. In addition, we’ve also welcomed a full production crew.

About the Visionary leader Series

The Visionary Leader Series is a family of programs which provide insight into the top business minds and best practices. In each installment of the Visionary Leader Series, top leaders from the private and corporate sector will explore their life’s work and discuss the business barriers they have had to overcome. Each episode will see host Traciana Graves probe inspiring leaders to gain insight their best practices for business success. She’ll expose the secrets of great leadership, the risks, the highs and lows of the lives of leaders that resulted in them becoming the visionaries they are today.

Featured Guests:

In order to get you excited for Season 2, without revealing to many of our suprises, we’ve decided to gift you a sneak peek, and reveal 3 guests of our upcoming season. We’re proud to have featured David Kirkpatrick, founder/CEO of Techonomy Media Inc, political consultant Jay Townsend and award-winning author, thought leader & keynote speaker Kwayera Archer Cunningham.

Become a Featured Guest

While we’ve already scheduled many new guests, we’re always looking for bright minds who want to share their experiences to help out other visionaries. Please click here for more information on how to become a featured guest on our signature show – The Visionary Leader Series – Season 2.