The Story

Body Politics: The Intersection Between Politics, Power & P***y explores conversations around women, body politics in the age of #MeToo and the politics that affect the way we all move through society in our bodies. Our series features women in business and media such as Elizabeth Yuko (SheKnows Media), Chrystin Bunion (W Magazine) and Estrella Jaramillo (B-Wom) and more. This series is dedicated to elevating this conversation in order to create community and sustainable change. We invite all visionary women & men to join The Visionary Leader Network community to be part of this conversation.

Entrepreneur Overview

In this month’s curated series will feature a candid conversation about essential best practices that are necessary for entrepreneurs how to create a safe environment that prevents gender-based bias. In addition, this series explores how female entrepreneurs navigate a very different reality to their male counterparts.


Every week, our amazing assembly of experts will generously share the biggest professional & life mistakes and insights that have propelled them into remarkable fulfillment & success.

Key Discussion Topics Explored

The courageous conversations featured in this series provide an opportunity for all leaders in the corporate sector to rethink their approach to leadership. Some of the questions that we asked our featured guests to explore in the taping of this series include:

–     How does gender-based bias define your career?
–     How has the workplace culture changed since #MeToo?
–     What are the impacts of workplace bias in your personal life?
–     How to talk about sexual harassment & gender bias?
–     Why are you do think this conversation about body politics and moving beyond the post-Weinstein era are important for entrepreneurs?

How This Monthly Featured Series Works

Starting on April 23, 2018, we will release three featured episodes each week over the course of four weeks. In addition to making this 12 part series available throughout the month, we will also share curated bonus resources that are specifically relevant to entrepreneurs. These resources will be available on the corporate VLNetwork resources page. Some of these bonus resources will include:

–     Downloadable Worksheets
–     Discussion Prompts for your Employee Resource Groups & Team Meetings
–     Vlogs for Entrepreneur Leaders
–     Bonus Episodes for Entrepreneur Leaders


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