Stressing over a client meeting or upcoming project is normal for many business leaders. But for more than 40 million Americans, mental health issues like chronic anxiety, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and many social phobias make everyday life difficult. So how can you beat the blues? Here are a couple of ways to reduce anxiety and depression.

Limit Your Time on Social Media

When Facebook is used as a casual tool to keep in touch with friends or stay in the social loop, it can be a useful distraction. However, when Facebook is used to keep constant tabs on others or to promote a certain self-image, it can lead to an unconscious need to compare ourselves to everyone in our social network. This frequently leads to jealousy, insecurity, misplaced feelings of superiority or alternatively, feelings of inadequacy. Limiting time on ubiquitous social media sites like Facebook may be hard at first, but it may be one of the best things you do for your mental health.

Write It Out

Keeping a private diary or a written record of your thoughts can be one of the most effective ways of dealing with mood disorders. The mere act of writing down our thoughts and feelings can serve as a profound catharsis and is especially helpful if we are uncomfortable expressing ourselves verbally. Often we simply feel better and less stressed after systematically sorting through our emotions on the written page.

Talk to People, Any People

Many people can go days or sometimes even weeks without having a conversation with another human being. This degree of isolation exponentially worsens mood. The mere act of talking to another person, of opening your mouth and letting words come out, can lift mood instantly. Don’t hesitate to make time for family and friends.. Whether it be having dinner with family or a movie night with friends you will feel better instantly!

Pick a Goal, Any Goal

It doesn’t really matter if you have a small goal is. Whatever it may be, try to work towards it, day by day, little by little. A life spent wandering aimlessly and without purpose creates a sense of unease and frustration, contributing significantly to feelings of depression and anxiety. Even a goal as simple as “I want to lose four pounds in two months” is a great way to bust out of the blues. If you dedicate yourself to something that has personal significance to you, your life will have more direction and focus. Pick achievable goals that are easy to bite off and chew, and watch your mood lift over time.

Experience the Bliss of Quiet Time

People who take time out for themselves on a daily or weekly basis, whether through yoga, meditation, reading a good book, daily prayer, or even a warm bath, often feel calmer and more at peace with themselves and the world. Timeout helps you to see the big picture and prevents you from letting the daily difficulties and petty squabbles of life get you down. Even if just for 15 minutes a day, quiet time can instantly transform your state of mind and helps you retain control over your life.