Executive Coaching


The VLNetwork offers On-Site as well as Virtual Coaching. Our coaching services, which includes Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching, support leaders in becoming more effective in their corporate role so they can lead more effectively from the top down. Our coaching services also help leaders achieve a more optimal work/life balance for greater success at work and at home.
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We invite you to review the various ways we work with clients, which include:
  • Enhancing multicultural, multi-generational collaboration in order to retain top diverse talent
  • Creating workplace environments where individuals can bring their full, authentic selves to the workplace which leads to greater productivity & innovation
  • Maintaining or attaining their status as a top Employer of Choice
  • Achieving an optimal leadership lifestyle in order to live and lead better


Executive Coaching for Exceptional Leaders

The Executive Coaching Program

Your essential guide to living and leading more authentically.
Why is this important?
Not only is our program effective at retaining and sustaining top talent, but it helps you to achieve a greater balance & sense of well-being in your personal life.
If you’re a(n):
  • Executive Working Mother
  • C-Suite Professional
  • Business Leader
  • Senior HR Professional
That’s ready to:
  • Hone your executive leadership skills
  • Enhance workplace innovation & collaboration
  • Create cohesive environments at work (and at home!)
Act NOW to take advantage of this limited* coaching opportunity!

Leadership Coaching

When you utilize our unmatched Leadership Coaching Program, you become better equipped to establish an environment where your multicultural, multi-generational workforce can thrive, create, and innovate.
Through the process of Leadership coaching, participants:
  • Promote multicultural collaboration in order to support companies in maintaining or attaining an Employer of Choice designation.  
  • Improve their workplace performance
  • Enhance effective communication
  • Foster greater appreciation for inclusion
  • Create strategies and protocols to create a community of respect and dignity for all employees






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